By the New Year, the show “Mask” and “Avatar” will be combined into one episode

Fans of popular projects will soon see a special surprise that the creators of the programs have prepared for them. Two shows – “Mask” and Avatar” will be united on the occasion of the New Year holidays.

Both famous artists in costumes and virtual characters will perform on stage. A total of 17 masks from previous releases, as well as eight familiar avatars, await viewers.

But fans will also be introduced to newcomers: four new masks and avatars will appear on the air. The intrigue will not last long, and the participants will reveal themselves on the evening of their appearance.

The jury will also unite the stars of “Mask” and “Avtar”: Philip Kirkorov will take the chair. Sergey Lazarev, Ida Galich, Valeria, Regina Todorenko, Mark Tishman, Timur Batrutdinov, Timur Rodriguez will be with him.

Commenting on the forthcoming television surprise, Regina Todorenko noted that in the past, the combination of the real and virtual worlds on one stage was impossible to imagine. And now this is our reality and part of the work for the stars.

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