Cadets helped a woman who had a heart attack at the Kitai-Gorod station

Due to the fact that the cadets were not taken aback, everything went well.

During rush hour at the Kitai-Gorod station, the passenger felt pain in her heart. At that moment, cadets of the police college Kristina Gusakova and Artem Sokolov were walking next to her, to whom she turned for help.

Gusakova tells: “When we got out of the car, a woman approached me, took my hand and said: “Girl, can you call an ambulance? I feel very bad””. Then Kristina sat the woman on a bench, unbuttoned her jacket to lower her body temperature, and offered water, while Artyom called an ambulance and the policemen on duty at the station. “There was a moment when I was confused, but at the same time I understood that it was my duty. And the classes that take place in our college, where we are taught first aid, had to be put into practice, ”the girl added.

Then senior sergeants Dmitry Novozhentsev and Mikhail Fedulov, who were on duty at the station, approached the passenger. Together they waited for the doctors to arrive, and after the first examination they helped the doctors to bring the patient to the ambulance. The woman was assisted, but hospitalization was not required. The police, on the other hand, were on duty at the car until they were convinced that the passenger’s condition had returned to normal.

The woman herself later thanked the cadets and police officers who helped her. She says: “It turns out that my blood pressure rose sharply and tachycardia began. They helped me in the ambulance, gave me a pill, I went out – the guys stood near the ambulance, made sure that everything was fine with me, and only after that they left. I am very grateful and sincerely grateful to the cadets and employees of the metro police for being next to me at that moment, because I was really scared for my life.”

Photo and video: MIA Media

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