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Career gift: Don residents ask Santa Claus for a salary increase

The research service of the largest Russian online recruiting platform conducted a survey among residents of the Rostov region and found out what career gift they would ask Santa Claus for.

Thus, 32% of Donetsk residents would like to ask Father Frost for an increase in wages. More often than others, builders, transport and logistics workers, as well as personnel management specialists dream about it.

Another 14% of respondents would like to get a new profession as a career gift – the share of such answers is in the lead among representatives of the production and agriculture sectors, as well as beginners. At the same time, 35% of respondents in the Rostov region noted that they would choose a profession in IT, another 10% spoke about the field of marketing, advertising and PR, 7% each would prefer art, finance and construction.

  • If it were possible to choose any profession, then 26% of Donetsk residents in 2023 would become IT specialists, 10% – designers, 12% – travelers, 7% – doctors, 6% – marketers, 5% – economists and actors, according to 4% are bloggers or coaches. Another 13% would choose other options, among which there were a massage therapist, director, writer, translator, photographer, scientist, engineer, – notes Alena Manokhina, head of the press service of Yug.

Across the country as a whole, 32% of respondents said that they want a pay rise in the new year, 19% of respondents would think of changing their profession. At the same time, 27% of Russians would choose the profession of an IT specialist, 16% – a traveler, 9% – a designer.

Material provided PR-service headhunter South, image by master1305 on freepik

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