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Center of Nizhny Tagil to be excavated by archaeologists

The authorities of Nizhny Tagil returned to the idea of ​​reconstructing the puppet theater. To start the development of the project, archaeological excavations will take place along the perimeter of the building next year. EVRAZ allocated 26 million for this, Svetlana Yurchishina, head of the department of culture of the mayor’s office, said at the Duma commission on social policy.

The project of overhaul of the puppet theater on Lenin Avenue appeared back in the winter of 2018. Archaeologists were called in to work: the fact is that in the 19-19 centuries there was a fairground at this place and there was a high probability of finding any valuable artifacts that are protected by the state.

“To our regret, archaeologists left, made pits and found that there are objects of the 18th century. Therefore, an order appeared that we have no right to do anything on this territory, ”explained Yurchishina.

Fragments of dishes were found near the building. The Department of Cultural Heritage Preservation has ordered the suspension of any work at the site. And they forgot about the start of the overhaul for a while. Now they have found a way out: the discovered fragments of utensils can be removed, but only qualified archaeologists can do this.

“We retreat 2 meters from the facade of the building and excavate to a depth of 1.5 meters. We do not plan to preserve the appearance of the building, but we plan to make a children’s puppet theater, it will look like a teremok. And we will have to demolish almost the entire building, archaeologists will take part in the repair process, what if we find something else, ”said the head of the culture department.

A sketch of the new puppet theater was first shown in February 2018 – it was expected that the building would receive a new look by the 300th anniversary of Nizhny Tagil. According to the plans of the designers, in the city center a fairy-tale castle with spectacular towers, a weather vane and bright stained-glass windows was supposed to appear. The area was supposed to grow by half of the current 1,206 sq. meters. The cost of the renovation was previously estimated at 730 million rubles.

In total, 1 billion 135 million rubles were found in the budget of Nizhny Tagil for 2023 for culture. This is 4.5% more than in 2022, the financiers calculated. The overhaul and equipping of the Youth Theater will continue, as well as the improvement of the area around. The roof of the Yubileiny Palace of Culture and Children’s Art School No. 2 will be repaired. The equipment of the exposition for the Okudzhava House will be completed. A significant piece of the budget pie will be invested in salaries. On average, cultural institutions receive about 49 thousand rubles, and teachers of art schools – 53 thousand.

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