Children from the Chuchkovsky district visited the ice show “The Scarlet Flower” –

Children from the Chuchkovsky District visited the Scarlet Flower ice show

13 children from families of mobilized families and families with many children in the Chuchkovsky district visited Ryazan at the Olimpiysky Sports Palace with their parents. They came to the ice show “The Scarlet Flower” with the participation of Olympic champion Tatyana Navka.

Angelina, a schoolgirl from Chuchkov:

“I visited the ice palace for the first time. I really liked the fairy tale that the artists showed. I really liked the difficult jumps and lifts that the skaters in bright costumes did.”

Her mother, Yulia Vasilievna, thanked the government of the Ryazan region for their attention to children who live in remote areas of the region.

“Even we adults were amazed by the brilliance of the show. For a while they returned to childhood, ”said Yulia.

Recall Show “Scarlet Flower” was held in Ryazan on December 15.

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