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Chinese language: learning online | Taganrog truth

The Chinese language is now spoken in more than a hundred countries around the world through its native speakers. In terms of use in conversation, this speech ranks fifth. These facts raise the question of the need to get acquainted with hieroglyphs and other wisdom of the Middle Kingdom.

Such a request is most in demand among several categories of people. First of all, obtaining a baggage of knowledge is necessary for citizens who plan to move to China for permanent residence or for a certain period, for example, for several years. The language is necessary for those who are concerned about finding employment abroad, preparing for a long business trip there. Cooperation with Chinese companies on an ongoing basis is another factor for starting to get acquainted with speech, including in terms of translating documents and letters. The desire to get an education in a state with a billion people is also associated with knowledge of conversational and written basics. This direction is also relevant for tourists who prefer to deviate from the traditional routes of recreation for foreigners. In this case, you will need to communicate with local residents, independently study maps, guides, price tags in shops and cafes.

How to learn Chinese?

The Chinese language is considered one of the most difficult, so getting to know it on your own will not work. This requires a qualified approach, which can be implemented with language centers. The foundation of training in such organizations is an experienced teaching staff with a focus on deep immersion in theory and practice. Teachers are carefully selected, regularly work to improve their skills. Within the framework of one school, there are several teachers with their own characteristics of conducting classes, preferred methods.

Today, education in this segment is available in several formats: in real space and online. The remote option is suitable for people with a busy schedule of employment, for residents of the regions who wish to study remotely in the capital’s center. To organize the process, you need a computer or mobile device with Internet access.

It is worth noting that price for Chinese courses online lower than in class. At the same time, the quality of training does not suffer, only the presence of internal motivation in the student is important. The cost of lessons depends on the format of interaction with the teacher chosen by the student. Training takes place in mini-groups or individually. The first option offers immersion in classes for up to ten people at the same time. It is democratic and at the same time allows you to obtain the necessary amount of knowledge in areas of interest. Individual lessons are compiled by teachers, taking into account the characteristics of a particular person, his interests. In this case, the payment will be several times higher, but the effect is better. An alternative way of learning is self-acquaintance with the materials presented on the Internet. There is a paid connection to the platform with everything you need to improve in theory and practice. This option is cheaper than the others. Like private lessons, self-study is ideal where a flexible approach to scheduling is required. The group format involves receiving education according to a common schedule.

Lessons are held on an online platform, where there is access to additional materials that you can get acquainted with at any time. As a bonus, meetings of the conversational club are presented to practice the acquired knowledge. This option is free, allows you to communicate with native speakers, gain valuable experience.

During the lessons, the emphasis is on the practical component. This moment is achieved by reducing the use of Russian speech to a minimum. This approach is focused on getting rid of language barriers. In addition, students study the writing of hieroglyphs, read, perceive information by ear. In Chinese, a serious emphasis is placed on phonetics, since there are sounds and tones unfamiliar to Russian-speaking people.

One school offers a range of programs for different tasks. Students can start in this direction with suggestions for beginners. There are courses for the younger generation divided by age groups. If desired, a person can go through an intensive immersion in new knowledge for himself, sign up for courses for travelers, for business, to prepare for exams. For people with a busy work schedule, weekend solutions are provided.

Successful completion of the training becomes the basis for the student to receive the appropriate certificate. The document can be useful for obtaining a competitive advantage in any area, for example, when applying for a job, moving up the career ladder.


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