Choosing New Year’s gifts

There is very little time left before the holiday, and you are wondering what to give to friends and family? Take advantage of the recommendations of the experts of the journal “Modern Health”.

Osteopathic doctor, cranioposturologist, founder of the federal network of osteopathic clinics “Craniobalance” Vladimir Zhivotov offers to please loved ones with a professional yoga mat. “This is a pleasant surprise for everyone who cares about their health. Pay attention to a few points: the optimal thickness is 5–7 mm; the surface should “adhere” well to the body and not slip; and, finally, it makes sense to take a high-quality option: the rug is used for a long time and actively,” says the expert.


If you are looking for a gift for a beautyholic, the best alternative to cosmetics and perfumes is a smart gadget for home skin care. “These assistants are becoming more beautiful, efficient and technologically advanced every year. A suitable example is the Foreo microcurrent toning device. It suits almost everyone: it starts the detoxification process, stimulates blood microcirculation and noticeably strengthens the oval of the face, toning 69 muscles,” explains Anastasia Valerievna Neminushchaya, cosmetologist, deputy chief physician of Professional Clinic LLC.

Stylist and head of the beauty and health school Alena Millen advises giving a loved one a satin corset top. “We missed the graceful forms, so one of the most trendy things in 2023 will be corsets! Many do not realize how versatile they are: this wardrobe item can even be worn over your favorite oversized sweatshirt, T-shirt or shirt. If there is not a single corset in the wardrobe yet, I recommend starting with black – ideal for the first experiments, ”advises Alena Millen.


What gift would you like to receive?

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