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Christmas tree markets began to work on the Don

According to the department of the consumer market of the Rostov region, from December 10, so-called “Christmas markets” begin to operate in various municipalities of the Don region. Most of the pines and spruces sold on the Don are of local origin and are grown in the territories of the Kasharsky, Tarasovsky, Millerovsky, Salsky districts. Also, residents of the region can purchase coniferous trees from Gorny Altai, Leningrad, Moscow regions and from Poland.

  • There are a few weeks left until the New Year – and the sale of coniferous beauties starts on the Don. It is planned that this year there will be 311 sites where coniferous trees will be sold,” said Alexei Pankratov, director of the consumer market department.

Sellers of fresh coniferous products are advised to choose the main attribute of the New Year holiday in advance, and preferably in the daytime – when all the features are better visible. The color of the needles should be bright, the lower branches of the spruce should be directed upwards, and the trunk should be even and uniform. However, if the schedule does not allow you to purchase a Christmas tree earlier, then the Christmas tree markets plan to work until December 31, and some of them will be open around the clock.

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