Chuchkovskaya school received a new car “Gazelle”

Chuchkovskaya school received a new car “Gazelle”

December 19th 55 new cars for schools purchased with federal support dispersed around the region. The Chuchkovskaya school also received a Gazelle car for 16 seats. The minibus that arrived at the gates of the school was met by the head of the education department, Elena Zenina, and the head of the administration, Alexei Kondrashov.

According to the leadership of the district, the technology for transporting children is constantly being updated. Every year rural schools received new transport, and now it is the turn of the village schools.

“Thanks for the update. Now, in small groups, you can travel to competitions and to study in comfort.”

Now the school operates three buses, which are 12 years old. And they bring more than 100 people to classes. We hope that in the next year or two our fleet will be renewed, – said the director of the Chuchkovskaya school Tatyana Lexikova.

The delegation inspected the bus. The salon seemed spacious. The car is equipped with everything necessary for traffic safety, including the Glonas system and tachographs.

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