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Collector and leaks: water supply is limited in Taganrog

Today, December 18, in Taganrog, repair and restoration work continues at the emergency section of the sewer collector at the intersection of 1st Kotelnaya Street and M. Gorky Lane. Because of this, the water supply of the Northern microdistrict, as well as the areas of the New Station, the Dubki grove and part of Dzerzhinsky Street, is carried out under reduced pressure. In two more districts, leaks in the water conduit are eliminated.

So, the specialists of MUP “Management” Vodokanal “work at the address: st. Chekhov, 337. Residents of houses in the area of ​​​​Syzranova, Parkhomenko, Chucheva streets may experience problems with water, approximately until 15-00.

Another leak is eliminated at the address: Bezymyanny proezd, 5. Water will be supplied with reduced pressure in the area of ​​Transportnaya Street and Bezymyanny proezd until 17-00.

Photo from the TP archive

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