Commemorative medals “Viktor Ivanov” were presented in Ryazan

Commemorative medals “Viktor Ivanov” were presented in Ryazan

On December 14, in Ryazan, two artists were awarded commemorative medals “Viktor Ivanov”.

Viktor Ivanov in 2004 received the title of “Honorary Citizen of the Ryazan Region”. The artist gave Ryazan more than 600 works. In 2021, the Governor of the Ryazan Region established scholarships named after Viktor Ivanov.

Marina Kaurkina, Minister of Culture of the Ryazan Region:

“Viktor Ivanov is an outstanding Russian artist. He devoted his whole life and work to the Ryazan region. In his works we feel love for the Ryazan land and nature. Viktor Ivanov glorified the Ryazan Territory with his work, and I am sure that the scholarship holders will pick up the baton of the master.”

The presentation took place in the gallery “Viktor Ivanov and the land of Ryazan”. The awards were received by the winners of the Viktor Ivanov scholarship – Isabella Shakirova and Nina Pronina.

Isabella Shakirovaa first-year student of the Ryazan Art College named after George Wagner:

“I haven’t found my topic yet. But I think I will find my style when I learn to paint with oils. I like drawing graphics. Each stroke seems special to me. I can also make things out of wood. For example, when I was 13, I found the key. And I thought, “Why not make a chest?” Made it with my dad’s tools. Now he is at home.”

Nina Proninaa graduate of the Ryazan Art College named after George Wagner:

“I am truly happy that I studied here for four years. We wrote on a variety of topics and with the help of different materials. I love the oriental flavor. It attracts freedom, bright colors, heat. I spent part of my childhood in this mood. Now I am studying in Moscow at the Glazunov Academy at the Faculty of Painting Restoration. I consider it my duty to help preserve the wonderful works and works of our country.”

In the gallery, educational and creative works of artists can be viewed at the exhibition until December 19.

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