Coward, Dunce and Experienced return to New Year’s Eve: who played the famous trinity?

Russian celebrities have prepared for the New Year holidays and have come up with an unusual gift for fans.

On December 31, the KION online cinema will host the premiere of the musical fairy tale-matinee “The Incident in the Country of Multi-Pulti”. Famous actors played the roles of characters in children’s fairy tales and cartoons.

In the role of Experienced – Sergey Burunov, Coward – Alexander Petrov, Dunce – Danila Kozlovsky. Evgeny Tsyganov will perform in the image of Gena the crocodile, Cheburashka – Timofey Tribuntsev, Shapoklyak – Ksenia Rappoport, Hare – Victoria Isakova, Wolf – Alexei Serebryakov and other heroes.

“I am very grateful for this opportunity. Firstly, we all met in such a line-up – it’s very cool. The probability that we could meet before and work together is zero. Moreover, to misbehave like this with such a composition – it should turn out, in my opinion, very charming. Pranks, hooliganism, but very correct, with good irony. All this is done with great love and with wonderful people, we really enjoyed checking out these wonderful days that I will not forget. Moreover, this is connected with my bright childhood, these are very pleasant memories for me, ” speaks about the role of Experienced Sergey Burunov. “The offer didn’t really surprise me, since I have a fairly rich experience in working with children’s matinees, I devoted a lot of my life to this, so it was very joyful and touching for me to return to the origins of what I started with and what I studied for – not once they reminded me at the Shchukin school that my place was at children’s matinees.

As the creators of the TV show say, the project will be of interest not only to modern viewers, but also to lovers of Soviet classics. The authors promised not to deviate from the canons of the original source and hope to please fans of movie characters.

“I like to act in fairy tales and New Year’s films, and even in the role of the very Cheburashka, familiar to all of us from childhood, I starred for the first time. In my opinion, it’s great that modern children, who grow up on completely different fairy tales, this New Year will see Cheburashka, and Gena, and the Wolf and the Hare – our infinitely beloved, kind heroes of Soviet cartoons. I would like the audience to feel the atmosphere of sincere children’s fun that we had on the set,” Timofey Tribuntsev admitted.

It will be possible to watch the novelty in the KION online cinema. Photo provided by the press service.

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