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Crashed into a semi-trailer: three people were injured in an accident on the highway

On December 16, an accident involving three vehicles occurred on the M-4 Don federal highway in the Aksai district. As a result of an accident, the driver and passengers of a light car were injured, according to the propaganda department of the Don UGIBDD.

The signal about the incident was lowered to the police at 18.05. At 1071 km of the M-4 Don highway, the 49-year-old VAZ-21140 driver did not choose a safe distance from the GAZ-322132 car that was driving in front, driven by a 40-year-old man. After a tangential collision, the VAZ continued to move and crashed into a semi-trailer as part of a KamAZ truck standing behind the fence at the place where repairs were being carried out.

As a result of an accident, the driver of the VAZ and his passengers, aged 42 and 46, were injured. The police are establishing all the circumstances of the incident.

Photo UGIBDD in the Rostov region.

Earlier we reported that in the Rostov region “UAZ” crashed into a diesel locomotive.

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