Dara and Nedvd: The departure from Juventus was rough with them. I’ll be waiting for you!

Such a normal Advent Sunday in Turn. A walk, a quickie, a dreky, a pun and then quickly home for the football finale, she burst into tears Dara Rollins under a new photo on Instagram, he is posing next to his son Pavel Nedvd. She also added emoticons to the caption, which clearly indicate that Dara was rooting for Argentina, which eventually won the entire championship. Only the Stoch fans got a bit of a kick in the ass.

Dara, don’t tell me that even a dog has a big crush on football, they also wrote Tomov z ludu. In particular, the healthy support of a partner does not matter much. And every female football partner knows that she has to somehow laugh at the fact that he is taking the hell out of football, and not like some kind of Tondo with a bottle in his hand.

But after Pavlov’s quick departure from Juventus, he slowly lost the most popular guy on the Czech internet, and under their joint pictures, there are quite a few sharp and hot shots here and there.

Under a snapshot from the outdoor Turno, the discussion started on the dark, for me, according to many unsightly heats, and the guys didn’t even leave Pavlov’s epic alone, which one of the commenters even called a cockroach.

He wondered if it was so hot in Italy that it was sunny there. And the meanest of all, they then told the duo to have fun while they were both free. Be a new wave, but positive comments should always be followed by negative ones with weight.

People, don’t be afraid even of the worst comments…

However, Dara ended her work cycle and decided to focus on her family.

Under normal circumstances, we have an asylum for the whole of December and the last appearance is on New Year’s Eve. This time I decided only for the first wedding dress. I can fully enjoy the holidays with my family and in January I will have one show – here at the O2 Arena. she stated with surprise that she plans to devote an entire month to her preparation.

Not long ago, a stalker broke into the house and Paul first, who cares, what could have happened. It’s no wonder that she longs for rest and peace.

Dara Rollins celebrated Advent in Turn.

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