Dara won’t be happy. She canceled the concert that people had been waiting for for 3 years. They found out by email at the last minute

Although it may not seem like it, I have reached a moment where my life is about to end. It is a momentous enough for something momentous to happen. I want to invite you to my unforgettable concert in the O2 arena in Prague, and I want to take it in the way that I want to go through my whole life, my career, from the songs when I was a child. Arabela, Andlk, Children’s disco. Everything you’ve been through with me, how you’ve grown, how you’ve fallen in love, all those times I want to shake for a moment and be there with you, she stated Dara Rollins on everything, she announced her January megaconcert. Not everyone shared it on the day.

These first appeared from disappointed fans who were wondering why Dara was going to sell out the O2 arena in January, when she stupidly canceled the last concert she was supposed to make fans sweat on December 17. They would thus expect his compensation. Some people then asked whether the fans suddenly changed their money for tickets or whether instead of the canceled Christmas concert, which they bought you for their loved ones for Christmas, they will have a free replacement in the form of the one in January. They only found out about the concert not happening last week.

In January, Dara’s mega-concert will be held in the O2 Arena in Prague to mark their fiftieth anniversary, but no word has been said about why Dara canceled the previous concert. The editors of approached both the manager of the party and the organizer of the event himself.

For the canceled concert Vnoce po Dara, which was supposed to take place in the O2 universe, the audience had a year to refund the entrance fee. For those who bought the ticket online, the payment was automatically transferred to their bank account. Those who bought the ticket in brick-and-mortar Ticketmaster ticket sellers had to come to the place of purchase and hand in the receipt to the branch. This information about ticket refunds was published on the website and social media of the O2 Universe, so the audience received information on how to proceed, Eva Hromdkov, who takes care of PR and marketing for the O2 universe, told Expresa that all the debates about whether someone should have a right to return the entrance fee quickly died down.

Dara Rollins cancels last night’s concert, fans sad.

The newly announced concert of Dara Rollins in the O2 arena in January 2023 is a new event and has nothing in common with the canceled concert in the O2 universe, where there is a different view, a different capacity and a different dramaturgy. For this reason, exchange in the form of portable and free tickets from one hall to another could not take place here. For the concert at the O2 arena, it was necessary to buy a new explained dl Hromdkov with the fact that people who bought tickets for last year’s concert will now have to buy new tickets for the megaconcert for Dan’s fiftieth in the fall.

But that one is out of whack.

He invites people to his birthday concert and doesn’t even mention that last year’s concert is canceled after all these years, one of the fans wrote stupidly according to the website Aha! on social st.

But it’s not the first time she suddenly decided to cancel a concert. Last year, it did not take place due to the covid situation, and then the winter concerts were suddenly canceled in Slovakia in 2009, due to non-compliance with the contractual payment calendar.

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