Demand for real estate in Dubai among Muscovites has grown by 208% this year

There are direct flights to Dubai every day and a lot, they cost from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles. Probably, this fact influenced the choice of direction, as well as the fact that it is warm there – everything is there in Moscow, only the sun is missing.

Experts from Skolkovo Realty calculated that Muscovites have become 208% more interested in real estate in Dubai.

“In addition, March 2022 saw the sharpest increase in the number of requests on a monthly basis since June 2021. Thus, in the third month of the year, the number of requests increased by 120.9% compared to February. October was the second month in terms of monthly increase in the number of hits. In the tenth month, the number of requests increased by 112.8%, ”the radio station“ Moscow Says ”quotes experts.

How writes website Immigrant Invest, the average price of an apartment in Dubai is 450 thousand dollars, houses – 600 thousand (that is, 30 million and 40 million rubles). They buy apartments more often, because it is difficult to equip the area around the house in Dubai’s hot climate. In Moscow, of course, you can just buy an apartment and cheaper, but if we are talking about luxury real estate, then the prices here are the same or higher. “Moskvich Mag” recently wrotethat apartments in the newly completed Lumin building are being sold for 266 million rubles.



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