Demo: Jan Pokornho’s legacy, Tomicov symbolically buried Balenciaga’s ex-man and paedo scandal

Anna-Marie Donkor and Renato Salerno in the Demod podcast
| photo: Tilen Vajt

This time we will remember Jan Pokornho (39), who dressed the most elegant houses in Estonia. Who will wear them? We will criticize them, that’s clear. But as you know, we won’t stay out for long, so we’ll also discuss the latest scandal involving Balenciaga, Kanye West, and remember that Playboy magazine celebrated its 69th birthday. We mustn’t forget even a piece of gossip from a show business background. Listen to the Demod podcast, in which we make fun of both mon and vm. You can check it out on our Instagram profiles @annamariedonkor and @renatosalerno. You can find all the outfits we’re talking about in the gallery on the link.

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