Demod: Miss lost her presti, Vignerov himself. Renato doesn’t recognize Chanel and Ania’s grandmother at the funeral

The nights are here and with them the Demod!
| photo: Tilen Vajt/Pavel Dvok

At night, they go crazy, Renato buys luxury glasses and Anika goes somersaults head over heels. In another episode, which is not usually told more, we will discuss whether it is worth taking back her ex, Aneta Vignerová, but also Miss, who has completely lost her presti. And since we have a morbid mood, let’s talk about morbid obesity and give advice on what to take for a walk. Watch the Demod podcast, in which we make fun of both mon and vm. You can find all the outfits we’re talking about in the gallery on the link.

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