Denda dranda and the most hated girl in esku! Instagram Nesvail’s memorable battlefield

Denisa was there when it was first announced that she was going to marry Kolek, then it was said that karma is free, when Koleko was flirting with Anet, and finally there was the issue of who is like the character, when it was revealed, e is Koleko pod (or u zase) with Denisa. e is about one single pspvk on Instagram, which on n Denise Nesvailov been here since August.

Since then, the actress hasn’t posted a new day, but that doesn’t stop people from sending her hate on Instagram. Although the actress does not respond to one of them in the comments and does not even publicly comment on her tender love for Peter, people can easily answer themselves in the comments on his profile, and when necessary, feel free to exchange views there.

Denisa Nesvailov’s Instagram profile is a memorable battlefield, where about two hundred comments are made about her relationship with Petr Kolek. Someone defends Denisa, there was no even the most disgusting stream, which even comments on one’s own life in the threads.

In short, even Meghan Markle could be seen with her documentary where she takes on internet trolls.

And Denisa? You both appeared in Stories with work. If his profile were to slip under offers of cooperation, that would not be honored.

In the end, even those who defended her turned against her, and she didn’t give in to what Koleko had always done. But when he sees that she has not been able to cut off her relationship with Petr even after all the hype, she returns to Instagram to vent about how she disappointed them and how karma will affect her.

Denis Nesva

And so I have enough of Denisa on my profile that some people consider her the most hated woman in the Czech Republic, or even Denda Drunda. If you can drive the old PSP at all…

According to you, Aneta Vignerov, who is not afraid to make a joke at Denisa’s address, manages the whole situation in Madrid much better than you. Not long ago, she surprised when she commented on the satirical magazine TMBK, which read: Vignerov, Nesvailov, Vignerov, Nesvailov… Under the wheel.

To this, Aneta responded aptly: You too!

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