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Difficult questions: Inna Titarenko held a reception of citizens

The Chairman of the City Duma – the head of the city of Taganrog Inna Titarenko held a regular reception of citizens. As before, most of the issues discussed do not have a simple solution. In particular, residents of house number 7 on the Mariupol highway complained about the broken intra-quarter road.

To consider this issue, the head of the city invited the head of the department of municipal housing control of the city administration Sergey Pogudin, the deputy of the city Duma for the 11th district Oksana Utyosova, representatives of the MKU “Improvement” and the head of the house. This helped to find ways to solve the problem and determine the algorithm for further actions.

It turned out that the unimproved site, although it belongs to the municipality, was not demarcated and not transferred to the MKU “Improvement” for asphalting work there. The stages of actions are jointly defined, the solution of which will ultimately satisfy the residents. And as an “emergency”, temporary measure, Inna Titarenko offered to assist in filling a deep puddle with slag rubble.

Such situations are not uncommon in the city. But each requires a separate detailed consideration and development of the only correct solution.

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