Dmitry Bogachev: this is the best time for me

The famous producer told how he felt when he first watched, as a spectator, the musical “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you!” based on the songs of the beat quarter “Secret”.

– At the best age – when you are 16-20 years old, you are experiencing incredible changes together with your country. You begin to breathe the air of freedom – Dmitry Bogachev recalls the time when the songs of “Secret” were written and he himself was “that very boy”, perestroika, mid-80s … We then walked in formation with slogans, sat at Komsomol meetings, went to pioneer camps. And suddenly everything began to change. Glasnost appeared in 1985. People have understood that speaking and living honestly, according to conscience, is much better than hypocrisy. All this is reflected in our performance: unobtrusively, delicately. Everyone reads their own contexts in it. We already see it in the audience. And in particular, it was important for me that the message that is embedded in the musical reaches the younger generation who were born in the “zero”. They have to finish building, change our country. “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you!” is a kind of message to them. You have to roll up your sleeves and do it. We must hope that everything will be fine.

– Nikolai Fomenko said that at that time, in the 80s, people were not just different. They communicated differently, they had different values. Everything was easier. Did you manage to replicate this atmosphere in the musical?

I always go to my performances as a spectator. And I appreciate it as a spectator. In my opinion, we have succeeded. But it was important for me that the first spectators of the musical, those who came to its premiere, came up and thanked us for giving them back this feeling of freedom, which was soaked in the middle and the end of the 80s. And the relationship of the characters is shown without “loading”. We don’t read morality. We in an easy manner (and this is the talent of the director and the creative team) convey what we want to say to the audience, but these are really important things. And the fact that Nikolai considers that time to be the best … You know, I also think so, because it was my youth. For some reason it seems to me that every generation considers its time to be the best. Because it coincides with their youth. It’s always great when you’re 18, 20, 25… And when you’re a little over 50, you start to think and doubt a little more, but that’s normal.

Nikolai Fomenko at the premiere of “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you!”

Is it cool to see your youth on stage?

– That was the goal! I wanted to stage this musical for myself and for my generation. But at the same time, it was important for me that it become relevant for young people as well. Therefore, we made modern arrangements for songs that were written several decades ago. Our heroes speak modern language. Of course, there is a vocabulary of that time, but without anachronisms that are not understandable to young people. We have walked a fine line, making the musical equally interesting for the generation that lived these years, and for those who were born much later.


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