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Doctors from Ryazan help to receive patients at the Spassky District Hospital

From October of this year, from Monday to Friday, two therapists from the regional center receive patients at the Spasskaya RB polyclinic, two pediatricians from Ryazan come to the children’s clinic on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Albert Amakhanov, chief physician of the Spasskaya RB:

“Given the shortage of personnel in the Spassky District Hospital, especially pediatricians and therapists, we turned to the Ministry of Health of the Ryazan Region and the Ryazan State Medical University for help. They went forward and developed a schedule for the departure of doctors to our hospital. Many thanks to the regional Ministry of Health in the person of Alexander Pshennikov and the rector of the Ryazan Medical University Roman Kalinin for understanding and solving the problem with personnel.”

Ekaterina Kharitonova, district pediatrician of the Ryazan City Polyclinic No. 1, intern at the Ryazan Medical University, is taking small patients this week at the children’s clinic.

Ekaterina Kharitonova:

“We come to Spassk in turn. Our group of residents was divided into days. I’m here for the first time at the reception. There are a lot of patients, mostly with acute respiratory diseases.”

In the next room, the children are examined by Inna Piznyur, an assistant at the Department of Faculty and Polyclinic Pediatrics of the Ryazan Medical University.

Inna Piznyur:

“I am a pediatrician and pulmonologist with 20 years of experience, I also work with students. The rector asked us to help the doctors of the Spassky district, and my colleagues from the department, who are also certified pediatricians, are taking care of the local population.”

In the adult polyclinic of the Spasskaya RB, 15 general practitioners come in turn according to the schedule. Came here for the first time this week. Ekaterina Gusevaresident of the Ryazan Medical University in the direction of “general medical practice”:

“Today I am engaged in medical examination, draw up documents, and my colleague receives patients.”

According to the head nurse of the polyclinic Elena Sobachkina, general practitioners have a big workload. And often they work irregularly, so they asked for help from their Ryazan colleagues. Thus, only 7,000 people should undergo medical examinations in the district. And residents conduct inspections and deal with paperwork. And at the reception of sick patients, they receive up to 50 people a day.

Albert Amakhanov:

“In addition, once a week, narrow specialists came to our hospital according to the schedule. Endocrinologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, otolaryngologist. This is really a big support for us. Next year we will again apply to the regional Ministry of Health with a proposal to continue cooperation. So that narrow specialists come to the Spassky Republic of Belarus. Also next year, three “target” students should come after their studies. This is a general practitioner, pediatrician and therapist. We very much hope that the problem of shortage of doctors will be gradually resolved.”

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