Does Slovek want Patrasov’s property? You would drink a million…

The opposition of Dagmar Patrasov (66), who believes that Felix Slovek (79) wants to deprive him of his independence in order to get access to his property, is behind me. The actress is a mobile man who, in the end, does not even have to rely on the loss of joint property in the event of a divorce. As previously reported by Rytmus ivota, she drank her fortune on real estate worth tens of millions of crowns.

Besides, it is Dagmar Patrasov with my husband Felix Slovek co-owner of several luxury properties, one of which she herself owns. According to information from Rytm vivota, they own one-eighth of a large, innovative house in the lucrative suburb of Nov Msto.

The Rohov dm is located a short distance from Karlova nmst, and one eighth of the building should be represented by these large residential units with the high ceilings of the First Republic. For the rental of this apartment, Dd should have income of tens of thousands.

approximately one-eighth of the building with five floors and twenty-two apartments represents those apartment units, their total market value could be around ten million crowns at current real estate prices.

Together with Manel, they are the owners of other buildings. Their wedding includes a luxurious villa in Vinohrady, Prague, which is surrounded by an indoor pool. Slovka’s art agency, which represents Dda, also sat in the sprawling residence. The value of the villa, which is a stone’s throw away from the seat of the influential Prague lobbyist Ivo Rittig, even considering the prime address of the plot, is around a million crowns.

Dagmar Patrasov to Mr. and half of the villa in Vinohrady.

The joint property also included a house in Itka near Prague, which they bought for eight million crowns, for their son Felix Slovok junior.

The last real estate owned by the family is a cottage in Eskom rji. It should be noted that this used to be a sprawling farm, a photovoltaic power plant was built on its road, and the entire complex of buildings with a swimming pool is estimated to be worth around ten million crowns.

Even without joint property, after the divorce Patrasov would not be a destitute poor woman, but rather a panic-stricken woman. However, at the moment when they would deprive her of sovereignty, this property could be disposed of by his executor. That could theoretically be the first Manel Felix…

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