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Don drivers warn of worsening weather conditions

In the Rostov region, rescuers warned drivers about the worsening weather conditions, and also urged them to observe a safe speed limit on the roads.

According to forecasters, in the coming days, heavy precipitation in the form of rain and sleet, as well as fog is expected in the region. Therefore, drivers should remember about the distance and lateral spacing between cars, keep a safe distance, and be more careful when making maneuvers on the road.

  • In bad weather during heavy rain, snow, it is necessary to reduce the speed to a minimum in order to be able to prevent a traffic accident in case of danger, the regional department for the prevention and elimination of emergencies says in a statement.

By the way, over the past week, fire and rescue teams of the department were involved in the elimination of the consequences of an accident 13 times, while assistance was provided to 21 victims.

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