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Don firefighters held exercises in the SFU dormitory

In the Rostov region, such trainings have already been held in 45 out of 53 student hostels in the region. Their goal is to work out the skills of rescuing people in the event of a fire in a multi-storey building.

  • Rescue often depends not only on the efficiency of firefighters, but also on the knowledge and actions of the people themselves in trouble, – says Pavel Kirichenko, deputy head of the department for supervisory activities and preventive work in the city of Rostov.

During the training, the firefighters practiced rescue with the help of a ladder – the “victim” was evacuated from the 4th floor of the hostel. And the link of the gas and smoke protection service carried another victim out of the fire zone in a self-rescuer – during large fires, such a mask is necessary to protect the respiratory system.

All the elements worked out during the exercises were as close as possible to the real situation in a fire.

Photo of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Rostov Region

We previously said that safety lesson for schoolchildren carried out at the Northern Reservoir.

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