Don’t talk to Patrasov, what day is it? The express has set out for zpvaka and things are different!

Words Felix Sloka she didn’t just freak out Ddy Patrasov, but so fans. Her husband claimed that his husband’s condition was so bad because of alcoholism, he didn’t even walk, didn’t speak, and actually just stared blankly.

It’s nejvi and lit her. Don’t talk, just look. I’m afraid that when we don’t move quickly, the earth sounds the alarm Felix Slovekwho, in connection with the model for denk Blesk, talks about states where he is very disoriented and does not know you at that moment, whether it is day or night.

That’s why Expres went to see Dda at their shared villa in Vinohrady to find out if the dream was really so bad that it could end tragically like the dream of Iveta Bartoov, who eventually jumped under the train due to mental problems and alcoholism.

When we rang the bell, Dagmar answered and wanted to know what was going on. Pitom spoke perfectly balanced, articulate and decisive with her senses.

Dagmar Patrasov can be damn sexy. You like after nvtv cosmetics at Petra ehokov.

Although she apologized for not being able to answer him because she had another call, she answered the questions completely thoughtfully and there was no sign that she was even a little drunk.

I’m totally in awe, they’re just elov forts. But I don’t know what to do with it, Dda said with sadness in her voice.

Dagmar Patrasov and Felix Slovek

And to think that he is walking and driving, that the only help that will get him back on his feet is his head?

Nevm, but you mm kind of call. Do not be angry. You know, at eighty years old, it’s tk. I don’t want to comment on whether he is healthy or sick. I don’t want to talk about him she added with that, but still go together and don’t talk about it at home.

Dda drank wine after the introduction.

What goes on behind closed doors, it’s just the two of them, but what we found out, so please talk, don’t talk nonsense, what day it is and you wouldn’t know from the voice that it’s an alcoholic.

And both are right, they should like to taste it at home. If things are as bad with Dagmar as Slovek claims, he should think of a way to help her instead of raising his hand. Tm, he will publicly condemn, he will not help even himself, and not at all.

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