Elena Sever: Mariupol. I want everyone to remember that the residential area, the entire center and the drama theater were destroyed by the Nazis of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

We drove into Mariupol early in the morning. How many times have I seen footage of the destroyed city in the news releases, but then … The ruins of houses stuck into my eyes and made me shudder involuntarily.

The picture of universal grief was “painted” by shell holes in blackened walls, skeletons of roofs, pieces of concrete blocks crumbling into garbage heaps and twisted fittings sticking out everywhere. And here is Azovstal… They stopped the car and were silent for several minutes. Then they decided to go out and capture a pile of remains, as a symbol of the military victory over the hornet’s nest of neo-Nazism. They say that this place will be a park. And this is the right decision.

Let’s go further. Center. On the left we passed the semi-collapsed building of the famous Drama Theatre. It gives me a special pain. After all, I knew his complicated history. It was bombed by the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War and the artists gave performances and concerts on the street or in the premises of the surviving shops. I really want everyone to remember that the residential buildings, the entire center and the theater building were destroyed by the Nazis of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The theater will definitely be restored! Its reconstruction, behind the stretched building banners, is very clearly visible.

Mariupol, photo Elena Sever

We move on. I look to the right, and there, like a ray of light, is a surviving building where life is glimmering. Nearby, a high-rise building whose upper floors are destroyed, and on the first two, outside the windows, you can see the morning bustle of families, where the elders are going to work, and the children are going to school. When we entered the city, there was not a soul on the streets. But, as soon as we passed the center, it became more crowded, especially at public transport stops. Mariupol residents and volunteers who came to restore the city are in a hurry to go about their business. Here, through the ruins, quarters of new districts are visible and the construction of residential high-rise buildings is in full swing. This life-affirming landscape gives hope that now everything will be fine with the city. Is always…

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