Eliška Bučková spoke about the late ex-partner Malin. Kuchařová also expressed her support

Model Eliška Bučková (33) covered herself in sadness. Although she had not been a couple with her billionaire son Jakub Malina (†35) for a few years, his unnecessary and sudden death hurt her. And just on a trip with her partner Radek, where she could only manage a few words…

Miss Eliška Bučková he can’t believe he’s an ex-partner and a footballer Jakub Malina after death. On December 5, he started choking on a piece of meat in a well-known restaurant in the center of Prague, and unfortunately help came. After two weeks, he was disconnected from the devices and died.

The tragic news hit her in Italy, where she is on a romantic trip with her partner Radek Vácha before Christmas and they will have to take care of the children of a mobile businessman.

Even though Eliška and Jakub have not been a couple for several years, according to the message she wrote on Instagram, it was clear that she still cared about him. After all, it was he who tried to get her out of anorexia and cooked her meals so that she would gain a little weight.

“Every moment of life is a huge gift. Nothing is taken for granted,” she sent a message, which she completed with a black heart.

Eliška Bučková wrote a message on Instagram.

Even Taťána Kuchařová commented on her post with a heart and a dove of peace. She does not want to comment more on the tragedy, mainly because of Kuba’s family, with whom she said she got along very well.

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