Escalator gallery on Sparrow Hills may open on December 23

If it opens this year, it will operate earlier than promised, despite repeated delays. The fact is that the escalator gallery, closed in 1983 due to an emergency condition, leading from the Vorobyovy Gory metro station to Kosygin Street, has been promised to open for several years.

The main difficulty was that the gallery, actually rebuilt from scratch, had to be protected from landslides that caused the closure of the Soviet predecessor. To do this, builders drove about 700 piles into the soil of the Vorobyovs to a depth of 30 meters.

They planned to launch the escalators on the slope either in 2021, or at the beginning of this year, but they still did not have time. Until finally, last October, Sergei Sobyanin declared a fairly specific opening date is January 2023.

However, in the community “Development of the Metropolitan and Transport in Moscow”, in which reliable insiders about the plans of the deptrans appeared more than once, writethat the opening of the escalator gallery will still take place in 2022, namely on December 23. That is before the term promised by the mayor.

In the comments, Muscovites are mostly happy about this news. However, one person notes that there doesn’t appear to be an elevator, preventing wheelchair users from using the gallery. However, in response, they point out to him that there is no elevator at the metro station itself, so the elevator in the gallery would not help them much.

Photo: Viktor Novikov/press service of the mayor and government of Moscow, video:

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