Extreme exercise and diet without a single deviation. TikTok is a new trend

Trends on TikTok are different and basically anything can happen to a viral. However, this does not mean that it is healthy or correct. There are many videos with millions of views promoting eating disorders or extreme exercise. This is also the ppad of the 75 Hard call.

Andy Frisella has spent more than twenty years of his life discovering how to perfect mental work. He then put what he learned into the 75 Hard program, the goal of which is to build an extreme discipline. Frisella first talked about him in 2019 on his podcast.

@treyetseyatse My current 5am morning routine 🫡🛠 #gymtok #75 hard #morningroutine #project50 #gymmotivation ♬ original sound – Sickickmusic

The rules of the invitation state that for seventy days you must follow the rules and you must not miss a single day. If you break one of the rules even a day before the end of the challenge, you have to repeat it all over again. The rules include, for example, following a strict diet without deviations, exercising every day for a certain period of time, and last but not least, you must drink prescribed amounts of water.

And it seems that the call is trying to motivate to a better life, it should be dangerous first because of the necessity of a strict telephone program. The user should be warned that in some cases it could spoil things, not help. Some experts are gradually joining them.

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This disciplined behavior has all the aspects that could encourage a negative attitude towards food and exercise, think general editor and co-founder of Keep It Clean Laura Henshaw. I understand that the main essence of the call is its intensity, but I definitely do not think that its habits are sustainable in the long term, ext.

Danny Kennedy, the head trainer of the Keep It Clean company, thinks that it is not suitable for everyone to follow this exercise regimen regardless of their physical condition. It is really necessary for everyone to start exercising as much as their condition allows. At first, everyone should engage the thorns with her intensity and gradually work up to those dives. This call is the first time, describes Kennedy.

@brimahon I failed 75 hard! 🍷🍹?!?! #fyp #75 hardfail #75 hard #gymtok #pilates ♬ original sound – BRI

They both agree that they would definitely not recommend the invitation to anyone. According to them, it encourages extreme behavior that could lead to disorders of food intake and self-control. According to them, everyone should find a way of life that suits them and not try to follow unhealthy habits.

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