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Fairs will be held in the Rostov region over the weekend

On Saturday, December 17, weekend fairs will be held in the Rostov region. Prices for socially important food products are planned to be 10-15% lower than market prices.

In particular, the fair will be held in Azov with the support of the consumer market department of the Rostov region and the Don Ministry of Agriculture. Bidding will unfold from 7-00 to 16-00 on Privokzalnaya Street. Agricultural enterprises, farms and other producers from different regions and settlements of the Don region will be able to take part in the event free of charge.

The fair will offer a wide range of vegetables, fruits, as well as meat, dairy, poultry, fish, sausage products, vegetable oil, pickles, honey, groceries, confectionery, bakery products and other goods.

Local fairs will also be organized by other Don municipalities.


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