Farn, Ramba, Rolins and Kuchaov VIP candle comparison: Which one pays the most?

Iconic by Tana Kuchaov

Price: K599

Hoen time: +/- 40 hours

An intoxicating combination of love’s eye, geranium, ke, afrun, vanilla and incense. The wicks are made from deva fruit trees that bear fruit, and typical for them is the calming sound of the crackling of the deva boy and such an effective flame. The candle is a design and my own work Tany Kuchaov.

Svky nabz and Ta Kuchaov.

For npl +/- 300g, fully hydrogenated paraffin of the highest quality RAL is used. The candle lid with tsnnm is made of oak sap. esk vrobek.

Vermi by Dara Rollins

Price: 399 K (on sale)

Hoen time: +/- 50 hours

For maximum intensity, Vermi by Dara candles have two unique wicks made of certified cotton, which are woven using a special technique. Fill it evenly with flame and do not smolder. The candles, which have 210 grams, are made of the highest quality vegetable waxes.

From VIP TV, Dara Rollins was one of the first to dance with the candles. And it must be said that she hit the spot. They go on a kite.

They are available on the market in several variants. The first one on the market was the Lola dog, which was named after a child named Zpvaka. Current offers include Vermi Honolulu, Hug Me, Morocco and Tokyo.

Mmnt by Ewa Farna

Price: 690 and 890 K

Hoen time: 50 and 60 hours

Like a time that’s only for myself. Time to carve out what I want. Tanit. Back off. Tweet. Perceive. Bt. This is the moment when inspiration strikes. Read that mmnt [moment] and soak in bergamot, moss, resin and cardamom, lk Ewa Farna to late candle from Bergamo, which has a volume of 220 milliliters.

The wax maker pours wax on the rune, blows the glass on the rune, and uses a cotton wick to clean it with a bright flame.

Ewa Farn shoes are not exactly cheap. They have to score with quality and so on.

Love is by Tereza Ramba

Price: 680K

Hoen time: 50 hours

Prodn soy candle, which is available in several variants, is gladly made in the Czech Republic. We use soy wax for production, which does not contain petroleum, paraffin or other products. It is vegan and non-toxic. Based on 100% essential oils in BIO quality. Upcycled packaging from a used amp that was purchased from Kadenka. Cotton wicks. Nine years old, who made the local chest Adam. We make our own Ltkov bags from Textile Mountain material, he promises for all who succumb to the spell, Teresa Ramba.

Candles from Tereza Ramba’s store for 680 crowns.

It is clear from the above information that the decision is only up to you, because all candles have a similar price and therefore the same duration. It is similar with the use of materials that are compatible with sales and organic quality.

So it will depend on how you want it to smell in your home, if you need the candle to have a lid or if it is important to you who is its creator…

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