Fear for Anika! While Dda and Felix are walking in the woods, their daughter is suffering

The relations between husbands Dagmar Patrasová (66) and Felix Slovek (79) cross all boundaries. While both of them are suffering from alcoholism and long practices in their relationship, in the end it is all about them. And the oldest is their daughter Anika (27). Don’t be afraid that the stress won’t cause cancer again!

When the two of you get together, you don’t have to laugh, it’s enough to make me suffer more. e is o Anice Slokovwho never hid the fact that breast cancer, she dreamed, could have been caused by family discord between the parents Dagmar Patrasova and Felix Slovek.

After a long time, Natst got over the invitations of illness, moved away from her family from the villa in Vinohrady, and even distanced herself from them. She didn’t want to hear about their problems.

Alas, she would have to be deaf and blind so that they would not get the news first about how to organize the public, attack, talk about alcoholism from both sides, about being deprived of self-righteousness. And pesto still lived together.

He’s not so much afraid of them, because with them it’s a day’s work, but how will the young man cope. She famously doesn’t want to comment on mommy and daddy’s conflicts, but it’s clear that she has to blame it on her.

Anika went through hell.

Both Grandpa and Felix should think about the welfare of their children, especially the blonde girl who suffered St. No one would swim to make the cancer stir again.

For this reason, the couple should be able to agree whether it is worth it to be together, or whether they prefer to go apart, don’t throw newspapers at yourself. They won’t help anyone, and certainly not Anica.

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