Finn Mika Hkkinen flew to Prague without his girlfriend, but he boasted of his son Hugo

I will only be in Prague for a few days. But it’s a beautiful city and a beautiful country, and I’m glad to be back, said Mika Hkkinen in an interview for Expres. This is called Latvian Finn. The world champion from 1998 and 1999 goes to Eska regularly, also because his wife, Markta Remeov, with whom he has a total of ten children, comes from here.

Hkkinen was successful not only in his working life, but also in his personal life, with a total of five offspring. That’s also why he laughs that his calendar is sometimes empty. In short, he is always in control, even at work or personally. But Markta did not come with him to Prague.

We were on vacation in Italy for five, six days, I only drank with my son, pmo from Italy, and then we’re going back to Monaco, Mike explained. He lived with his whole family in Monaco, which he decided to do mainly because of his hectic lifestyle, where he spends most of his time in hotels and on airplanes.

Finland is a beautiful country, but because of my career it made sense to live in Monaco, when you are traveling the world without care, you need a safe place with a good standard of living and a good time, which is not always available in Finland. And as you go through hotels and airplanes, you’ll regenerate a lot more when you’re moving somewhere that’s beautiful and there’s a beautiful sunset, m clearly Hkkinen.

He doesn’t drive in the formula, but he’s an ambassador for it and he’s involved in a lot of other activities. You are devoted to business. Find out more in the video.

Mika Hkkinen arrived in Prague with his son Hugo.

His son, twenty-two-year-old Hugo Ronan Hkkinen did not hesitate, he devotes himself to football, which he gave priority to formulas. Between 2012 and 2013, Kadet was among the best drivers. In contrast, Michael Schumacher’s son Mick rode in his father’s footsteps and was seduced.

Sam Hkkinen revealed that he is also preparing an autobiographical book.. But he does not want it to turn out like that, he also praises his rushes, on the contrary, he fills people with learning how to bend down in a rush and wants to share his experiences with them.

For once I will teach something that people can learn from, not something that they should applaud me for, ext. Watch the whole interview in our video.

His nickname is Latvian Finn.

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