For the first time, an official rating of Moscow polyclinics has appeared. The best was on Presnya

And the worst polyclinic is located in Orekhovo-Borisovo Severny.

Muscovites who visited the polyclinic at least once this year received an e-mail with a proposal to take a survey on the quality of work of doctors and the institution as a whole. Among other things, patients were asked about the professionalism of the staff, the atmosphere of goodwill in the clinic, whether the specialists communicate correctly and respectfully. There were also fairly standard feedback questions about the level of trust in the clinic staff, the degree of satisfaction with the visit, and the likelihood that patients would recommend this clinic to their relatives and friends. Based on all these data, the department compiled a complete rating of Moscow polyclinics.

Deputy Mayor for Social Development Anastasia Rakova tellswhy this rating is needed: “For the first time, we publish such a rating for each clinic and make it available to Muscovites so that residents can make more conscious decisions about which clinic to attach to, where to receive medical care.” In addition, the heads of polyclinics now clearly see what parameters need to be tightened up in their institutions.

It must be admitted that not a single polyclinic scored the maximum on a ten-point scale. Polyclinic No. 220 on Zamorenova Street in the Presnensky District was recognized as the best – in the overall rating, it scored 8.7 points.

Quite in accordance with stereotypes, the entire top of the rating is occupied by polyclinics from the Central Administrative District, and especially many institutions from the top 10 are located on Presnya, Khamovniki and Zamoskvorechye. Only in 11th place does a polyclinic appear from the “periphery” – Branch No. 4 of polyclinic 191 on Amurskaya Street in Golyanovo.

The worst polyclinic in the city, according to the rating, was branch No. 1 of GP 214, which, while the main building was being repaired, was operating on Generala Belov Street in the Orekhovo-Borisovo Severnoye district. With a result of 5.71 points, she took the last, 232nd place.

Photo: Mikhail Mishin/press service of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow

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