Former head of XFN Kareš: Vémola doesn’t know when to quit. Let the family arrange for him! Kincl is a moral winner

When we last spoke with Petr Kareš, we asked him for his opinion regarding the upcoming rematch between Karlos Vémola and Patrick Kincle. The former promoter of the now defunct XFN organization told us at the time that he clearly favors the current Octagon champion.

“Today, the difference in quality is too big and unattainable for Vémola. Unless Kincl makes a major mistake, he wins.” Kareš told us then.

The long-awaited match, which was planned for the end of the year, will not happen. Karlos Vémola has struggled with serious health problems several times in recent years. He lay in the Motol hospital for more than two weeks due to severe inflammation, and he even stated that the doctors saved his life at the last moment.

Karlos Vémola

Vémol’s condition was serious, Kincl is the moral winner

Some people wrote on social networks that Vémola is exaggerating and that his condition is not nearly as serious as he claims. But Kareš trusts Karlos.

“Hospitalization is a clear sign that Vémol’s condition was serious. It would be dangerous for his health to continue training. If you miss a few days of training a month before a game, it’s basically after the game. Resigning was the right and sensible decision. It is also true that Karlos has had several serious injuries in a row in recent years. Either he is doing something wrong in his recovery, or his body is already so overloaded in the long term that it resists further training.” estimates Kareš, who understandably regrets that the rematch between Vémola and Kincl will probably never happen again.

“The fight sold out Prague’s O2 arena, so it caught the attention of almost everyone who is interested in MMA. It’s a shame it won’t happen. I don’t think Kincl needs the match anymore. He has become a moral champion for the fans and he can be one of the best fighters in Europe when he moves up to welterweight.” squealed in front of Vémol’s rival Kareš.

I’m not sure Vémola knows when to stop. Hopefully the family will agree with him

Karlos Vémola’s fans on social networks are now writing to their idol to end his career and focus on his family. Kareš shares a similar opinion, but at the same time thinks that Vémola cannot evaluate when it is appropriate to quit.

“A particular athlete must always feel that. I probably had an inkling in the last preparation that it was my last match. The will and desire to win was still there, but my training already had its limits. Every true top athlete wants to start 100% prepared. But I’m not sure that Vémola can evaluate this correctly. His surroundings, family, friends and coaches should help him in this. Everything has an end, and even if not everyone can leave on top, they should leave with dignity and applause from the audience. Vémola certainly deserves applause for his sporting achievements. I hope it works out for him,” expressed his wish Kareš, who definitively ended his wrestling career after a recent lost battle with Petr Vondráček.

“It was a war and I believe the hatchet is buried. Retaliation is not needed. Petr prepared better for the match and deservedly won. This is the end of my sports career. In preparation, I already had problems with recovery and some aspects of peak training. It’s time to retire from sports.” the former head of the XFN organization explained his decision.

Petr Kareš still as XFN promoter at the press conference

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