Former L’Occitane called “L’Occitane” may be renamed SoBeautiful


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Former L’Occitane called “L’Occitane” may be renamed SoBeautiful

The French company did not like that the new store owners simply wrote the name in Cyrillic.

In June, the French cosmetics chain L’Occitane left Russia due to a special operation, and the subsidiary L’Occitane Rus was taken over by Russian managers. After that, perhaps one of the most successful renaming of this year happened – L’Occitane stores changed their signs to “L’Occitane”. In any case, the network’s customers immediately understood what kind of stores were in front of them.

However, as writes Kommersant, the French owners of the brand did not agree with such a “soft” renaming and demanded to choose a name that would not be associated with them at all.

As a result, the Russian network filed applications for the registration of two new trademarks – SoBeautiful and SouBeautyful. This name can already be found in some sections of the company’s online store and in the email addresses of its employees.

Experts interviewed by the publication note that in the event of such a renaming, the network will lose up to 15% of customers. But in the end, everything will depend on how much the assortment and design of stores will change.

Photo: Sergey Karpukhin / TASS


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