Garik Sukachev and Priluchny with his wife and children at the premiere of “Yolki-Needle”

The cinema “Khudozhestvenny” hosted a closed premiere screening of the New Year’s romantic comedy “Yolki-needles”, which is released on the big screens a few days before the New Year. The film was shot by the team of the Producer Center of the Film Studio. M. Gorky with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Starring in the film with the bright slogan “Delivery of New Year’s wishes” Alina Alekseeva, Pavel Priluchny, Garik Sukachev, Oscar Kuchera, Yulianna Karaulova, who played herself in the film and sang the song “Out of Orbit”, as well as young DIma Kalikhov, Vladislav Vetrov, Agrippina Steklova, Anastasia Vedenskaya, Vladimir Gartsunov, Natalia Tetenova and other artists.

Film creative team

The creative team and actors who starred in the film, as well as other representatives of the film industry and show business with their families, attended the private premiere of the film. Among the guests were seen Dmitry Krasilov, Evgenia Akhremenko, Irina Jovovich, Inna Lyubimova, Nelly Ermolaeva, Irina Chaikovskaya, Snezhina Kulova and many others.

According to the plot of the film “Christmas Trees,” on December 31, landscape designer Katya delivers Christmas trees to customers. The last Christmas tree from an unfulfilled order could become Katya’s only guest for the New Year, but the mother is determined to introduce her daughter to a young man. To avoid this fate, the girl agrees to meet her neighbors’ uncle at Sheremetyevo. And from that moment on, the longest day of the outgoing year begins for her: she will pick up the wrong uncle from the airport, meet a man, hide from the persecution of bandits … and on New Year’s Eve she will again be at her Christmas tree, but is she alone?

The actors who played the main roles shared their impressions about the film and working on it:

Pavel Priluchny: “We have a wonderful company gathered. I have known Sasha Barshak for a very long time, he is a professional person, and this is his genre absolutely. I think more films like this should be made. Now there are too many problems, sometimes you just want to watch a good good movie.

Pavel Priluchny and Zepyur Brutyan with children

Alina Alekseeva: “I know the life situation of my heroine. I also once had my own small business, where you are yourself and the director, subordinate – such work quickly leads to loneliness. Plus pressure from parents, comparing myself with others – all this is familiar to me firsthand. So I understand Katya very well and I empathize with her very much.”

Alina Alekseeva

Garik Sukachev: “I love Christmas films, they are always sweet, naive and always very kind. My character is practically Santa Claus, and I have a very positive attitude towards him. It has no text at all. It’s not an easy acting job. For 30 years I have never worked in such material. Here you can somehow dream up, it’s really interesting.

Garik Sukachev

Film distribution of the film “Yolki-needles” starts across the country on December 29.
Film director Alexander Barshak. General Producers Lika Blank and Hasmik Movsisyan.

Photographs (Press Service of the M. Gorky Film Studio).

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