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GDDYUT will not have time to hand over the New Year holidays

Builders do not have time to hand over the City Palace of Children’s and Youth Creativity for the New Year’s campaign. Mayor Vladislav Pinaev set such a task, and he removed it. The head of Nizhny Tagil explained the changes in plans by the fact that it is inappropriate to arrange festive events in the newly renovated halls.

“The main Christmas tree will most likely be in the City Palace of Youth. I don’t want to rush the builders. I would really like to, really want to … but racing, why? Just to satisfy my own ego, what did I do after all? The race will certainly affect the quality of work. <...> Only just everything should work, still fresh, unrolled. And we will immediately load the palace in full. Therefore, we decided: where it will be completed and put into operation, checked by the relevant authorities, we will carry out some trial events, ”Pinaev said on the air of the Telecon television company, answering the question where the mayor’s Christmas tree will be held this year.

What kind of New Year’s events will be organized in the renovated space and whether they will be held at all, Oksana Mikhnevich, director of the State Children’s and Youth Youth Theater, does not yet know. She is waiting for the instructions of the head of the city. According to her, the staff of the palace is ready for anything, including organizing a festive program at other venues.

“Yesterday I was in the palace, it turns out a very beautiful ramp, a beautiful wall where we have a Christmas tree, an amazing auditorium, the entrance to the palace. Now I need the command of the head of the city, what we can, when we can. We are ready for anything. If anything, then some small events will be held, for example, in the Orthodox gymnasium. But what I saw in the palace is space, it’s very beautiful!” Oksana Mikhnevich told Vse Novosti news agency.

Now the walls of the third and fourth floors are being painted in the palace, Igor Vasiliev, director of the Tagildorstroy Municipal Unitary Enterprise, told Vse Novosti news agency. Builders are laying tiles in the latrines and will soon install faience. The wall, where they usually dance around the Christmas tree, was decorated with illuminated aluminum panels. Next week, the contractor will receive a wall ship that will decorate the red marble panel. The glass railings of the ramps are ready. At the end of work in the concert hall.

“Now the equipment, diode screens are hung up. On the weekends, we polish the stage itself, tidy up, and next week we begin to hang up the stage clothes – backstage, curtains. After that, it will be possible to install the chairs themselves,” said Igor Vasiliev.

A multifunctional sports hall with a new climbing wall is also nearing completion. Workers lay shock-absorbing and non-slip flooring. It remains to make markings for basketball and tennis.

The main work will be completed by the end of 2022, the contractor assured. After that, unplanned tasks will remain, which were not taken into account in the original project. For example, it is necessary to make a fire tank on the street, smoke removal systems. After the examination, additional funding will be allocated for this.

GDDYUT is the largest institution of additional education in Nizhny Tagil, in which 5,500 children study. The palace was built in 1988 by Komsomol members. For 30 years, the building has never been repaired. The funding comes from an additional trilateral cooperation agreement between the Nizhny Tagil City Hall, the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region and EVRAZ. MUP “Tagildorstroy” is engaged in the transformation of the palace. Initially, the entire contract was estimated at 366 million rubles, but the final cost increased due to unaccounted work. For a year and a half in the building there have been global changes: in fact, only the walls remained from the old GDDYUT. The roof was overhauled, a complete replacement of engineering lines was carried out: air conditioning systems, water supply, sewerage, power supply, ventilation was installed. The scene of the palace, the designers are sure, will be one of the best in the city. Its arrangement was carried out by the Sinsound Technology company, which creates concert halls throughout the Urals.

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