Gifts for buyers in the new metropolitan art space “Flomik”

It is not so easy to buy New Year’s (or any other) gifts: you always want to please your loved one with something special! If the stationery is bright and unusual, if the interior decor is in a creative, “unhackneyed” design, if the gadgets are stylish and high-quality. It is these things that the capital’s store “Flomik” in the Gagarinsky shopping center specializes in, which recently celebrated its festive opening together with customers. And now it’s time for new gifts: on December 17, buyers will be able to take part in a win-win lottery.


In a huge variety of goods you can find everything for home comfort, study, leisure, sports or self-expression. The most trendy backpacks with key rings and graphic inserts are suitable not only for school and college, but are full-fledged accessories for a stylish look. There is a snow tube – not a simple one, but with LEDs, if an interior vase – then a fluorescent one that will attract the attention of all guests. In a word, each product has its own feature, which makes it such a gift, according to which it is clear: it was not chosen in five minutes on the principle of “if only that”, but they really wanted to surprise and please.

In honor of the opening, New Year’s balls were distributed to all guests, it was possible to participate in a win-win lottery and receive a gift from Flomik. The holiday did not end there: on December 17, new gifts are waiting for you!

If you haven’t bought Christmas decorations, carnival accessories and holiday souvenirs yet, you can do it right here. The European-inspired décor is bright and colorful, yet elegant and will go with any interior. As a result, great news for all Muscovites: you can fully prepare for the holiday in one place and at very attractive prices (we invite you to see for yourself that they don’t bite!).

Address: Moscow, shopping center “Gagarinsky”, st. Vavilova, d. 3, 1st floor.

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