Grigory Leps paid off with a beaten fan

The scandalous incident in a St. Petersburg bar, where Grigory Leps, having quarreled with a visitor, broke his nose, ended in a reconciliation of the parties.

Recall that after a concert in St. Petersburg, where Leps did not finish singing “The Best Day”, feeling unwell, the singer went to a restaurant. There, according to the artist, an obsessive fan came to him demanding a joint photo. The refusal of Grigory Leps provoked a fight in which the singer broke the Petersburger’s nose. And he went to court, demanding compensation.

Despite the fact that law enforcement officers opened a criminal case, the artist managed to resolve the conflict peacefully – he paid compensation. The victim wrote to the police a statement about the termination of the trial in connection with the use of the parties.

“The damage has been compensated in full, we have no claims …”, the victim commented.

By the way, the second side describes what happened differently. According to a fan of Leps, the singer himself approached him in a bar demanding to play backgammon, and for money.

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