Growing up Sparta icon Jun: Baby with sexy Petra! She revealed the details of the relationship

A month ago, it became clear that former Sparansk gunner Tom Jun was divorced and found a new girlfriend in the form of the beautiful Petra, who is very active on the Instagram social network.

The tattooed krska often shared photos with Tom on her profile, not long ago she publicly boasted that she was pregnant and showed her followers a growing bump.

TeeJay is a great mom, I hope I’ll be a good mom. As the years go by, Junior grows up, and it’s impossible to keep up. It was very similar, but now we have to wait, wrote Petra recently on Instagram, who also congratulated, for example, David Limberskho’s wife Lenka in the comments.

Petra and Tom what a baby.

Tom Jun’s partner then told Express how she got herself together with Sparta’s crazy game. It is interesting that Petra, who is a big football fan, comes from a family of slavists.

we have been together for a year, Tom made the first contact. She knew him by name, but she is a Slavic woman, so I grew up mainly on that. I retraced the findings of all his glans in curry. Tom is generally positive and a good hunter, he was hungry for goals in football, May the days of his love fall on Juno.

Petra Kytov

What about the babies, you know the gender of Peter and Tom, but don’t want to reveal it yet.

We know the gender, but we will have it confirmed in the following days, so let’s keep it to ourselves, svila is a young beauty, she works as an office manager at the agency RBR SportConsult.

Petra Kytov

I’m leaving for maternity leave in a hurry, until then I want to devote myself fully to work that I enjoy and enjoy. Tom has his own business, I have a football academy in Prague and in Vienne, and I’m about to start another business, which we don’t want to talk about yet. said Petra Kytov to the editor of Expres, who is a big football fan and could impress many people as a football blogger.

I don’t really qualify as a football blogger, but I like football. I visited many foreign stadiums. Tom and I go to Austria a lot, but we’ve also been to PSG or Bayern, said Jun’s partner.

Petra kytov is a big football fan

In Austria, Tom is not in Sparta

As it was changed, Tom Jun won five championships with Sparta, in the 2004/05 season he also became the best player in the league and earned the club a big pension by transferring to Turkey.

Even so, his bird wife Petra feels that his services are more important in Austria, where he went beyond Austria to Germany. That difference defines both of us. In general, in Austria, treat Tom very kindly, stated Petra.

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