He gave her a date and asked her out, she broke my heart! The reaction of Zbyk from Love Island and then Murad

Sabina Karskov and Zbynk Vlek at netvo pr. The cast members of the Love Island 2022 reality show have announced their split. According to Sabina, overzealousness was to blame, according to Zbyk, another man, a specific MMA survivor, was to blame. Makhmud Muradovwhom Saba met at the Octagon and has not let go of the phone since then.

We were together at the Oktagon in Ostrava, we were shaking and last night Sabina started fisting with Muradov. The next day, he asked her out on a date and put her on the phone. Sabina told me that nothing is wrong, that it’s just fun, he revealed to the site Zbynk. He immediately broke up with Sabina.

Most of you have heard a lot of rumors about Sabi, it’s true, we’re not in a relationship with Saba at the moment, we broke up, on the one hand I’m sorry, on the other hand I love her, but on the other hand she disappointed me and broke my heart, then Zbynk confirmed the sad news about the breakup of his social gatherings.

The idiot originally planned to even live under the same roof with Saba! I suspect that she is with Muradov in the Alps. And Muradov is real in the Alps.

According to my smile, everyone understood that I fell in love with it, wrote Muradov on Instagram under a photo with a snowboard. And many words about love were taken as confirmation that he was dating Saba from Love Island. However, it probably gave them a lot of fantasy play between thanks.

Makhmud Muradov spent time in the Alps.

Not that you like to move around Monica Bagrov, with whom I have a date, so here she invites Sabina on a date, right? a non-chosen female fan threw him in the face right away. But he didn’t let that get in his way. The omission of the note immediately provoked him to a quick answer.

It would be better if you took care of your life, thank you Muradov yelled at the fan.

I’ll tell you about it a little later, but at the moment I’m not ready for it and I’m also worried about what’s going on, thank you, said Sabina.

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