Here is such an LCD, symbolizing “rocks covered with ice”, will be built on Simonovskaya embankment

Perhaps the most unusual thing about this project is not even the architecture of the buildings, but the fact that they will be a maximum of six floors high.

The Moscow Committee for Architecture approved the development project for the site on Simonovskaya Embankment, created by the Wall bureau. It includes five residential buildings, six floors each. Among themselves, some of the houses are connected by covered galleries of one or two floors, forming a courtyard.

Chief Architect of Moscow Sergey Kuznetsov describes the architecture of the complex: “The architectural design of the facades materializes the idea of ​​a rocky base covered with a layer of ice, which is reflected in the formation of two layers of buildings – a solid stone volume from the first to the fifth floors and an accent glass volume of the last floor. Taking into account the peculiarities of the location of the territory, an extraverted spatial solution is proposed. Volumes, internal spaces, courtyards and gardens are not closed and directed exclusively towards the river, but are open to the city and dissolve in it.”

Head of Bureau Wall Ruben Arakelyan uncovered even more details about the courtyard: “The territory, volumes, internal spaces, courtyards and gardens are not closed from the city and are not directed exclusively towards the river, but are open to the city, dissolve in it. Thus, our solution assumes a transparent, interval arrangement of residential buildings along the perimeter of the territory around a single courtyard. Such a composition lets maximum light, air and sky into the residential courtyard and at the same time provides privacy, intimacy, comfort and the best views of the apartments.”

It is interesting that, judging by the visualizations, the residents of this elite residential complex will have their own pier overlooking the Moscow River, and even open fireplaces are provided in the lobby.

The timing of the construction of the “rocky” residential complex has not yet been announced.


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