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Hermione and Jordan: what are the names of the little Taganrog residents?

Here they know the names of newly born babies, help restore lost documents, deal with the history of the family, and so on. To celebrate the 105th anniversary of the creation of civil registry offices, the employees of the Civil Registry Office of Taganrog gathered together. Anniversaries came to congratulate the deputy head of the city administration Irina Golubeva and the deputy of the city Duma Alexander Semenov.

To date, the registry office stores 1,026,274 act records on paper. Each is sent to the general register: citizens and representatives of state bodies of the Russian Federation have the opportunity to obtain information from there. From 1926 to the present, the registry office of Taganrog has made 1,007,138 act records, and this year 546 of them have been supplemented or changed due to a mistake once made.

The good news is that 2,051 babies were born in Taganrog in 2022, of which 24 were twins. On December 1, the Birth Registration superservice (electronic birth registration without the personal presence of parents) began to operate in the Russian Federation, and six applications have already been received in this way.

The head of the registry office Victoria Vasilyeva told the guests that the boys in Taganrog this year were often called Alexander, Alexei, Danil, Matvey, Mark, Kirill and Lev. Less often – Anatoly, Gordey, Oleg, Sergey, Boris or Peter. And in Taganrog, kids with such names as Jordan, Marseille, Hector, Leonel, Abraham and Samson are growing up.

Girls were often called Arina, Alice, Maria, Vasilisa, Sophia, Daria, less often – Nina, Raisa, Tatyana, Irina and Eleanor. Jasmine, Hermione, Rihanna, Thea, Emerald and Leia became unusual names for little Taganrogs.

In total, in 2022, the registry office compiled 9,806 act records. This year, 1,765 citizens applied through the Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services for various reasons, 295 appeals – through the MFC, 290 requests – from foreign countries. Most contained requests for assistance in restoring documents, and concerned citizens who had lost them from the registry offices of Ukraine, the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics.

Marina Darenskaya, photo by Sergey Plishenko, on the main page image by bristekjegor on freepik

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