How much does Kočendová, Agáta or Sandeva cost? Makarenko sends out a list of stars with a price list

For a long time there has been talk about how much stars and starlets are willing to pay to collaborate on Instagram and other social networks. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are flying through the air, which would make a normal mortal’s head spin. The director of Miss Czech Republic Taťána Makarenko (33) brought more light into this gray zone. She, through her right hand Radka Sokoliová, sends selected agencies and other subjects an offer of celebrities for cooperation. Agáta Hanychová (37) is said to be willing to move an eyebrow for 40 thousand crowns, Sara Sandeva (25) for 35 thousand and Natálie Kočendová (22)? The head of the competition and a skilled businesswoman values ​​it even at 70 thousand crowns!

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