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How to cut down a Christmas tree in Nizhny Tagil

In Nizhny Tagil, the season for harvesting live fir trees has begun. We explain how to legally acquire a New Year’s tree.

The easiest way to get a Christmas tree is to go to the Christmas tree bazaar, they said in the department of industrial policy and entrepreneurship development. This year, only two businessmen received permits to trade in live Christmas trees. You can buy them on the territory near the houses on Frunze, 19; Prospekt Mira, 37 and Krasnoarmeyskaya, 153.

But those who are not looking for easy ways can go straight to the forest. Only first you need to get permission to cut. Such in Nizhny Tagil are issued in the department of the mayor’s office for ecology and nature management and forestry.

We decorate the Christmas tree through the department of ecology

This option is for those who do not like long trips. Ecologists surveyed the city forest and chose a place for a festive felling in the area of ​​the Naked Stone and Mount Dolgaya. For spruce, pine or fir up to a meter high, the administration will ask for only 28 rubles 53 kopecks, up to 2 meters – 57 rubles 10 kopecks, up to 3 meters – 85 rubles 61 kopecks, up to 4 meters – 114 rubles 14 kopecks.

To prepare a coniferous tree, you need to apply with a passport to the department at Mira, 53, rooms No. 115, 116 and 125. Next, decide on the size of the tree, pay the receipt using the QR code through any bank. And with the contract of sale to go to the forest. They promise to give the citizen a scheme with quarters and divisions where you can legally choose a fluffy one. Last year, about 170 people prepared Christmas trees in this way.

We decorate the Christmas tree through the Nizhny Tagil forestry

In this case, you will have somewhere to roam. The territory near the forestry is huge and extends almost to the borders with the Perm Territory. And let the tree cost you more, but there is a chance to cut down the most beautiful and fluffy.

Applications from residents of Nizhny Tagil are accepted immediately in eight forestries, which means that it is in these areas that you can go for the main symbol of the New Year. Here are the addresses:

1. Nizhny Tagil, st. Lebyazhinskaya, 2a, (phone for inquiries 48-94-20).
2. Nikolo-Pavlovskoye, st. New, 23.
3. Visim, st. labor, 1.
4. Bashkarka, st. School, 6.
5. Serebryanka, st. Uralskaya, 18.
6. Sinegorsky, st. Quay, 22.
7. Petrokamenskoye, st. Bebel, 26.
8. Chernoistochinsk, st. Kirov, 2 (the building of the village administration).

A coniferous tree up to a meter will cost 61 rubles 61 kopecks, up to 2 meters – 123 rubles 22 kopecks, up to 3 meters – 184 rubles 85 kopecks, up to 4 meters – 246 rubles 46 kopecks. First you also need to pay for the spruce according to the tariff, get a contract of sale, and then go to the forest. In addition to suburban forests, Tagil residents can find spruce, fir or pine on the Clapboard or in Chashchino. But the most fluffy – European spruce – grow about 25 kilometers from Nizhny Tagil near the village of Sinegorsky. Last year alone, about 500 felling contracts were concluded in the Nizhny Tagil forestry.

How to prepare a Christmas tree in Nizhny Tagil

And the ecosystem will not suffer from cutting trees?

Hardly. For seasonal harvesting, places are appointed where forests, in principle, should not be. These are areas under power lines, near gas networks, water conduits and other communications. Periodically, the same power engineers cut down this growth. Therefore, if everything is done according to the rules, the breed composition will not deteriorate.

And if you cut down the Christmas tree yourself, bypassing all the procedures?

Self-cutting without a permit is already an administrative violation. If the damage is up to 5,000 rubles, then the violator is fined 3,000-4,000 rubles. For legal entities, the punishment is much stricter – up to 400 thousand. But if the damage to forestry exceeds 5,000 rubles, then criminal liability arises. You can be imprisoned for up to two years. Patrols from employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, forestry and the Environmental Security Service will catch violators on suburban roads. In addition, under the protection of the state, cedars – this valuable tree species cannot be cut down.

How to dispose of wood after the holidays?

In general, you can give spruce for processing. Eco-promotions are often announced in Nizhny Tagil after the New Year: collected spruces are crushed to mulch, which is then used to cover flower beds and other landscaping. Sometimes zoos take the recycled leftovers.

You can also leave your used spruce in a bulky waste bin – these are usually found at waste sites. If there is no container, you can carefully place the tree next to the usual tanks.

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