How to decorate a Christmas tree: stylish or traditional?

Christmas tree decoration is an integral part of the New Year, creating a magical mood. Children and many adults are looking forward to installing a magnificent Christmas tree that will create a unique mood in the house. If you’re itching to check out this year’s top Christmas tree decorating trends, you’ve come to the right place! Free space designer, architect and concept maker Alexander Osipov shared his tips.

Traditional decor.

The traditional style of decor remains always relevant unchanged. The combination of rich classic colors – in particular, red and green, tartan and gold shades – is a win-win option and the epitome of a festive atmosphere. Imagine a Christmas tree strewn with bows and glass toys, gifts tied with a ribbon under it, and of course lights – a win-win option that will definitely support the New Year’s mood.

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organic materials.

Natural elements are a major trend in holiday decor today. If minimalism is your thing, a wooden bead garland wrapped around a Christmas tree is the perfect choice. Complement the beads with wood embellishments for a subtle natural décor. Decorations in the form of acorns, pine cones and leaves or forest animals such as owls, foxes and squirrels are also relevant. The color scheme is restrained, often minimal, giving this trend a Scandinavian vibe.

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Put the tree in an unusual place.

The living room is the perfect place for a Christmas tree as it is the center of attention here. However, many decor lovers add another Christmas tree in unexpected places. A simple Christmas tree with minimalist decor is a great way to welcome guests into your entryway. Or put up a small Christmas tree in the children’s room and let the kids decorate it themselves.

Eco-friendly decorations.

Eco-friendly DIY jewelry has become quite popular in the wake of the mainstreaming of environmental awareness. With so many options, you can always find what is right for you. Dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and sugar cookies are perfect for this style of Christmas decoration.

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A completely white tree.

White is the most organic and trendy color for holiday decor as it is reminiscent of snowy landscapes. An all-white Christmas tree is a great way to mimic the natural environment. With a garland of pom-poms or simply covered with artificial snow from a spray can, a fantastic Christmas tree will be ready for the New Year in minutes and at no extra cost.

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What is the best way to wrap Christmas garlands around a Christmas tree?

Use the trunk as a starting point by winding the bulbs around the trunk of the tree, working up from the center of the base of the tree. Continue winding the garlands evenly around the branches closest to the trunk, and then weave them up from the middle of the crown. When you get to the top, start braiding the garlands back down.

If your tree is rare and you want to add fullness to it, then you can place tinsel or decorated twigs, berries, decorative balls or leaves in empty places. Sprays are a subtle accent that not only adds dimension to your tree, but also adds a splash of color and texture.

Emerald green and gold are a trendy color combination for holiday decor in 2022.

These festive colors will look great on any Christmas tree. Also in the trend is a combination of rich blue and gold. The most fashionable color that looks amazing in combination with blush pink, blue-gray or gold is sage.

This is a beautiful color, more muted than the traditional green, that will give your decor a fresh touch. Adding sage accents to rich green wood adds another dimension of color and a modern touch. Clear gold sprays are the perfect pairing with sage jewelry to add a dash of holiday sparkle.

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