If you need to splurge on chicken feet and seafood, the B12 is the way to go.

Pan-Asian B12 (B. Nikitskaya, 12) was opened by Alba Group. The menu includes sushi and wild fish sashimi. Chef Oleg Shin used to work at Cutfish, among other things. Among the main courses, a baked hedgehog with scallop, foie gras and truffle was spotted for 850 rubles, and the desserts include “Geisha deprived of innocence in winter” (700 rubles).


– a lush interior with real trees – exactly what the wealthy Moscow public loves;

– a wall of butterflies;

– sushi with red snapper (aka red snapper) costs only 550 rubles, and sashimi from wild sea bass – 700 rubles;

— marbled beef tartare (850 rubles), black caviar with hedgehog and langoustine tartare (680 rubles), beef carpaccio with truffle (1200 rubles), wagyu carpaccio again with truffle (4400 rubles) — if you need spend all your money on delicacies, then yes, this restaurant is suitable;

— neat rice buns “Beef rib” bao with pepper sauce (550 rubles). The torn meat is lightly sprinkled with herbs. A neutral snack in case you don’t know what to order at all (they cook better at the Singapore airport);

— warming “Asian-style duck soup” (700 rubles) with regular noodles and various fantasies about duck slices, wontons and meatballs;

– wontons with shrimp, scallop and foie gras cost 1,500 rubles, and chicken feet – only 500 rubles. In short, there is where a person with intelligence can roam.


– cryptic messages on the restaurant’s answering machine at the time of booking a table (there are about butterflies that need time to get out of the cocoon);

— I understand everything and really sympathize with the waiters who obviously need to fulfill the plan, but I still advise you to ask visitors about water: they want / don’t want, sizes (large / small bottle) and carefully specify the price before opening and pouring water into a glass . All these are trifles, and if you pay attention to them, the visitor himself will decide what kind of water to drink and how much to pay. In my case, I had to pay 750 rubles. for a large bottle, and no one asked me any clarifying questions, and it was inconvenient to protest: meanwhile, the water was already splashing in a glass (the situation is like in a joke where you don’t feel like drinking at all);

– observe an unspoken and rather bourgeois dress code, otherwise the hostesses will noticeably spoil their mood;

– a ladle in a bowl of duck soup depicts a spoon, but eating with this object is awkward;

– the menu comes across tactless names with claims, from which it will be especially bad for vegetarians;

— Dessert “Kimono soaked with the bodies of lovers” (650 rubles) — the most chaste name from the dessert menu. Salty-sweet coffee mousse with biscuit, fried rice grains on top, and they are so crunchy that various thoughts about larvae (including butterflies) come into my head.

Photo: courtesy of the restaurant

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