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In April, non-cash payment will be introduced in Taganrog transport

Until April 1, 2023, all transport in the Rostov region must switch to a cashless fare system. However, in Taganrog, some carriers do not want to equip buses with the appropriate devices. How to solve this problem – the townspeople addressed such a question during a live broadcast to the Deputy Minister of Transport of the region Dmitry Belikov.

  • Yes, let these businesses go! A holy place is never empty. Other companies will come. Taganrog is far from a poor city, it is seriously supported by the Federation Council, I supervise this city and I know the carriers very well, non-poor companies too. There is a decent passenger flow there – the city is a resort, – commented Dmitry Belikov during a live broadcast on the telegram channel of the ministry.

He also stressed that Taganrog has enough funds and forces to optimize the transport system. And think over the routes so that the tram does not duplicate the bus.

  • So that a half-empty tram does not go, but an almost empty bus is nearby. Why two identical routes? This topic is very serious,” the deputy minister said.

Dmitry Belikov also said that there is no control over the condition of buses and minibuses in the city.

  • It’s scary to see this vehicle. Just horror! I personally went out and looked several times. The Ministry of Transport determines the state policy in the field of transport. And it makes the conditions as comfortable as possible for business to develop. But this is a social business. We support people with our actions, not transport companies. In order for the routes to work, the bus arrived on time, clean, and safe,” he said. – And about the fact that enterprises do not want to switch to cashless transactions – let them go! We will find others who want to work in Taganrog, and with rolling stock, for which we are not ashamed.

In conclusion, the Deputy Minister appealed to the residents of the region with a request to take care of public transport, especially the new one.

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